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September 24th, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — In the midst of a global pandemic and protests, Black leaders from across the globe are banding together to create Black Culture Weekly. This platform features a state of the art mobile app and website created by longtime activist, Aspiration:Unlimited LLC CEO/Founder Jeremiah Isaiah, who was inspired to develop the platform while being wrongfully arrested as a member of the #GoodTrouble65. Other pivotal co-founders include Rev. Stephen Green who most recently lead actions in Lousivlle, KY around the police murder of EMT, Breonna Taylor and Attorney Stephanie Morales, who is one of few people in history to prosecute an officer for the killing of an unarmed black person.

Senior Political and Equity Advisor and President and CEO of WJS Consulting, LLC Waikinya J.S. Clanton will also join the team as a community engagement strategist. This initiative is designed to connect black audiences with news and ways to engage with black led partner organizations like Alicia Garza’s Black Futures Lab. Another core mission of the program is to fight the decline of over 40% of Black businesses during COVID through the donation of $1M worth of apps/websites.

Check out some of the features Black Culture Weekly has to offer!

Initial Features

  • Seek to combat the lack Black political/government contractors through helping secure contracts for firms like Rosemark, Rendertech, WJS Consulting LLC, Samuel Consultancy Group and Capital Strategies. Co-Founder, Oscar Frazier is the owner of nDemand Consulting Services focusing on global crisis management and countering violent extremism (CVE) across 7 countries within the continent of Africa, as well as all things tech in the federal and commercial spaces.
  • Work with I Love Black People to register and engage 500k Black voters through state-of-the-art QR codes as part of their effort to build a global network to protect Black people from the harm and humiliation of racism and xenophobia.

Other features for users include “Shop Black AF”, “Black Fitness Gurus” featuring UK Mega influencer  @lelasiimone,Black Realtors Alliance”, “Creatives Corner”, “Exploration Society” and Beauty + Beyond”

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