Vision Walkers pledge “10,000 Fearless” to polls by Election Day

October 3rd, 2020 – Written by Jeremiah Isaiah

The Vision Walkers are a one of a kind 501(c)4 grassroots political action organization that seeks to strategically and tactically engage the black electorate at the intersection of government. Their mission is to bridge the gap between elected officials and voters through community outreach events, informational online forums and voter registration drives. The Vision Walkers have a strong foundation of over 200 members & volunteers in South Carolina and in several other states across the nation including Iowa, Minnesota, Maine and Texas.

“Our end goal is to ensure our communities are safe by leveraging our political power, to hold our elected officials & community leaders accountable,” said Dr. Yladrea Drummond who serves as Vision Walkers’ Executive Director.

The Vision Walker’s primary focus is to inspire those that have been disengaged from the political arena because of the marginalization of the present political leadership while suffering from previous administrations. Vision Walkers seek to provide opportunities and offer programs to create financial stability particularly in the black community. Through providing pathways to access and education, they believe they can lift up disenfranchised communities and members who lack opportunity and ultimately, support from their government.

Currently, The Vision Walkers are pushing a state-wide early voting initiative called 10,000 Fearless to the Polls. Kicking off with a day of action on Friday, October 9, 2020 at 3pm EST, this initiative will provide communities with accurate voting procedures while encouraging early voting.

“During this time where misinformation is running rampant and voter suppression is a viable threat, we want to ensure that our communities are well informed of voter efforts and how to get involved. Further, we want to provide transportation and help with accessibility to and at the polls to make sure our votes count ahead of election day.”

-Vision Walkers

“This is a pivotal moment in our nation’s history. It is literally, now or never. We are choosing to act now to make sure our community is felt, heard and present. Our team and partners are fired up, fearless and ready to activate communities across the country,” Dr. Drummond stated.

It is their hope to use this statewide effort to inspire a national movement to increase the black electorate on November 3rd.


For more information or to support their vision, visit at, give them a call at 803-269-5895 or e-mail at