History-Making Progressive Prosecutor, Stephanie Morales becomes Best-Selling Author with “The Day I Became A Lawyer”

October 6th, 2020 – Written by Jeremiah Isaiah

VIRGINIA- Stephanie N. Morales is a progressive prosecutor known for making history as one of the few people, let alone black women to prosecute an officer for killing an unarmed black person. Her passion as an attorney has led her to embark on a new journey as an author to inspire youth to become lawyers themselves. She is driven by the belief that transformation in America’s criminal justice system begins with shifting the narrative through more representation of marginalized groups in positions of power.

“The Day I Became a Lawyer” features Stephanie’s story as digestible children’s literature. It is currently the #1 New Release in its category on Amazon. Morales is quoted as saying:

“I am so thankful! I have truly enjoyed and appreciated the photos, the videos, the Amazon reviews, the social media engagements and the calls and texts! Most importantly, my heart has been touched because of those of you who have shared that your children have been inspired already! I have tried my best to share all of your posts to my stories and tag as many of you as allowed because I am just so proud that all of you chose to support our family’s project! Please keep the support coming. We love you guys!”